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Many Sandy Cove staff are involved in the Converge program, but the McRays are the ones you will spend the most time with!

Morgan and Megan McRay, Converge Coordinators

McRaysMorgan and Megan McRay have been married since 2004 and partners in ministry since 2001. They have led Youth Groups, Young life Clubs, College Groups and have been involved in camping ministries since 2007. They are dedicated to the Converge Program at Sandy Cove and have very high hopes for where this program is going and what it has to offer the students that join.

Morgan and Megan have been year round staff at Sandy Cove since 2012. They run the Converge program and during the summer they oversee all summer staff. They live on property and have three sons: Wyatt, Kendrick and Graham.

August 2015, thoughts from Converge Internship Coordinator, Morgan McRay…

Well, another year of Converge has come and gone. My job is to make sure these young lives are pointed in a healthier direction when their time here is done. I’m sure you can imagine that at the end of each year my mind is absolutely burdened with the areas that I have shown myself to be insufficient in guiding the interns in this process and also encouraged by the ways that we have seen success and healthy development.

There are many ways that you can track success or failure in a program like Converge and I am well aware of many of them. But the ones that I cherish and consider the most important are these:

1. Commitment to Christ (Submission to God’s will)
2. Maturity Development (Rooted in values, standards and beliefs)

I have determined that the impact of these two core emphases is one that directly or indirectly influences every area of our lives. In other words, the fruit of these two things are very beneficial, touch every part of our lives, and are long lasting.

Converge 1.5 has been a paramount year for this ministry; it has been filled with young people that have all taken steps down these two roads. I am confident that these 8 interns will be reaping the dividends of their investment for the rest of their lives. I am so sad to have this year come to a close, but at the same time, I am so excited to see our interns go and thrive and preach Christ-crucified wherever their lives take them!

We have interns spreading their wings and going to Missouri, Florida, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Australia and who knows where else God will call them. This group has been able to be our first Converge class to successfully navigate through the 5 stages of Group development (Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning). They have spent the year doing work that is lowly and service-oriented and they have done it with a humble mindset. This group has been filled with joy during every stage and situation they have encountered and have taken time to teach and develop me as well. I have grown as a man, husband, and father because of these young people who have opened up their lives to say “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

I will be forever grateful for these 8 lives that have walked with me and I am so confident that they will continue to walk towards Christ until that day when glory is realized and we all can stand face to face with our Lord Jesus Christ and praise Him for all of eternity!

Thank you Ty, Tim, Christian, Kevin, Dave, Megan, Emily and Talia for relationships and experiences that have shown me more of who Christ truly is! I love you and will cherish our time together forever.


Forever in my heart and mind,

Leaving Sandy Cove to get home for Thanksgiving reminds me of my time in Converge. I know I can speak for all my fellow converge alumni and say how thankful I am for the time and value Morgan McRay and Megan Mcray put into us. Through them God helped shaped us into the men and women of Christ-like people we are. I truly believe the places we were headed were changed to something better because of two of the greatest people I’ve ever had the joy to spend time with. I am so blessed and honored to know them!” Julius, Converge alumni

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