Converge Internship at Sandy Cove is a 9-month work study internship program designed to develop Christ-like servants and leaders. You will pursue God through study, community, service and FUN!

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Throughout the program, you will be included in our Sandy Cove community! Weekly staff meetings, classes, intentional relationships (which is our form of mentoring) and serving together will give you experience and insight into a non-profit ministry.

We will guide you down the path of 4 simple steps:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who are you in Christ?
  3. What are you going to do about it?
  4. How will you do it?

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The Converge program focuses on:

Our training model immerses you in a community of believers who will mentor you as we serve our guests together. You will have opportunities to observe leadership at all levels of our organization. Learn more about Intentional Relationships.

One of our goals is to equip you with practical, marketable and resume-building skills. You will spend time exploring how Sandy Cove’s hospitality ministry functions through all departments from Housekeeping to Human Resources. You will be trained in all aspects of our ministry and how and why we do what we do. Experience in these areas will help you to discern where your strengths lie and will help support future decisions.

Spiritual Disciplines
You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the study of scripture and allow God’s Word to saturate your life and influence your decisions and choices. As you look at the journey ahead, Converge will help you develop a lifestyle that is honoring to God, and prepare you to be unshakeable when He calls you to serve. You will learn to take the lead in your own spiritual development. You will also be given the opportunity to lead teams in spiritual exercises.

Converge is not a destination…
it is a very effective tool to equip you in your journey towards a life seeking Christ.

“Converge has been of surprising value to me…I underestimated how much it would teach, equip and stretch me. From pinpointing areas in my life that needed attention to humbling me, making me wrestle with my true identity, Converge provided a variety of circumstances that greatly stretched me and pointed me towards Christlikeness.”  – Renee, Converge Alumni

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