The overall purpose for Converge is to create and develop Christlike Leaders plain and simple.

If our mission is to create and develop Christ-like leaders, how do we do this?


The main focus of our leadership training model is to immerse you in a community of believers who will mentor you as we serve our guests together. Sandy Cove has been bringing people together, in the name of Christ, for over 70 years and as you work with us we believe you will grow in your understanding of community and service. When you start understanding that you can be a part of this mission working in the dish pit just as well as leading worship, you will start to understand what true Christ-like leadership is.

2. Service                                                                                              

When we think of leadership sometimes it is easy to think of those high-profile names such as Billy Graham, Francis Chan, or Ravi Zacharias. But, when considering what Christ-like leadership looks like and what Christ’s model of suffering, serving and caring  for others shows us, it is easy to see that you will more likely discover what true leadership is while scrubbing carpet in housekeeping than preaching a sermon or leading a worship set. Leadership serves!

3. Spiritual Disciplines                                                                  

Our third objective is to help you develop your spiritual disciplines. You will be encouraged to immerse yourself in the study of scripture and allow God’s holy Word to saturate your life and influence your decisions and lifestyle choices. Our hope is that you will start seeing God’s Word as a powerful tool that can help you discern the path He has chosen for you. Whether it’s through solitude, silence and fasting, or talking, sharing, and working together with those around you we want your experience here to be one that helps you grow spiritually, mentally and physically.

With your entire life ahead of you, Converge will help you develop a lifestyle that is honoring to God, and prepare you to be unshakeable when He calls you to serve. Whether it’s in your own back yard or to the ends of the earth, our desire is that you would go in strength and courage, and stand and shine for your Lord and savior!