What to expect…

Big Swing

Year At A Glance

Converge is a year-long program and begins the third full week of August.

You may move in that weekend!

The first week is “orientation” – we’ll show you around, introduce you to a bunch of people whose names you will eventually learn, and start training in housekeeping, activities, the kitchen/dining room, grounds, bookstore, event tech and front desk.

Lifeguard training is offered the second week as well as continued departmental training.

Third week – classes and work start!

CityThroughout the year, there will be special off-campus trips such as:
New York City
3CA Intern Retreat
ACA Regional Conference
3CA Mid-Atlantic Conference
DC Inner-city Mission Trip
Sandy Cove Leadership Retreat

One week off for Thanksgiving (Wednesday – Tuesday)
Two weeks off for Christmas (you need to return December 26)
One week off for Easter

A graduation ceremony will be held at the end of May.


Week At A Glance

Interns will generally have “off” every Monday and Tuesday. Off means no classes and not scheduled to work unless there is a major event at Sandy Cove. Off-site retreats and conferences often happen during Mondays and Tuesdays. Rarely will you have a weekend day off.

Each intern will be assigned to approximately 25 – 35 hours of work weekly on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Time off must be arranged with significant notice.

Classes are held Wednesdays and Thursdays.There will be a balance of in-class learning, required reading and journaling.

On Thursdays all staff meet for Community Gathering – a time of sharing and updates.

“Converge helped me to define a path for my life. I learned about how I am wired and gifted. I learned the importance of serving and leading by example. I would recommend Converge to anyone who is seeking to grow as a person, leader, and follower of Christ.” – Nathan Cook Converge Alumni

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