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Converge-2014-ClassConverge at Sandy Cove is a year-long work study internship program designed to develop Christ-like servants and leaders. Converge is designed for young adults who are post high school, with some college experience preferred. You must be a serious believer who truly desires to grow deeper in knowledge and insight of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

“Converge” represents a place where theory and practice meet or “converge.” We recognize that you can’t learn to be a true servant only in a classroom, so the program includes work and service.

We call Converge a “journey.” We cannot promise to lead you to the top of some proverbial mountain because we believe that Christlikeness is not a destination but a lifelong journey.

Along this Converge journey we will explore who God has created you to be and the gifts He has given you. You will not only be able to articulate what a Christ-like servant/leader is, but to demonstrate those qualities in your life.

We will pursue God through study, community and serving. Classes are taught by Sandy Cove staff and you will benefit from their experience. One-on-one intentional relationships (mentoring) with staff of your choosing are unique times to share and learn together. We will also provide opportunities to learn ministry and business skills required to work in the non-profit sector, specifically Christian camps and conference centers.

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Join us for a year-long journey…to become more Christ-like servants and leaders!

Not sure what the next year holds for you? That’s a good time to step back and refocus. We invite you to spend a year with the staff at Sandy Cove. We’ll guide you through times of STUDY and DISCIPLESHIP to help you fully understand who you are…and who God is. We’ll WORK side by side in ministry, developing skills for your resume. And we’ll have FUN exploring life together!


We MUST know who God created us to be and where He is pointing us!
Converge’s mission of developing Christ-like servants and leaders falls under the larger mission of Sandy Cove Ministries which is to help people connect with God and each other in order to be transformed into the image of Christ, through His Word, His creation, and community.

The Converge program focuses on…
1. Mentorship
2. Service
3. Spiritual Disciplines

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