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Converge Courses fall into three main categories:

    • Biblical
    • Leadership

(with additional training and resources)

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The classes are as follows:

Biblical / Lifestyle Courses

Bible studies
Ephesians: An exegetical look through Ephesians, how Christ has reconciled all creation to himself and to God, and the unity found through Christ.
2 Timothy: An exegetical look through 2 Timothy, a clear call for perseverance in the gospel in spite of suffering, and a call to continue the fight of faith.
James: An exegetical look through James, a call for all to live out their faith. Be a doer and not just a hearer of the word, despite social, theological, or financial conflicts.
Proverbs: An exegetical look through Proverbs, to instill wisdom in God’s people, wisdom founded in the fear of the Lord, and wisdom that works out covenant life.

Book studies
Journey Through God’s Word: A course designed to help make the Bible accessible, giving the student a few essential insights into the Bible helping grasp its meaning and its application today.
Mere Christianity: One of the most popular introductions to Christian Faith ever written. A class designed to begin the discussion of the Christian faith and theology.
How People Grow: This book helps people resolve issues of relationships, maturity, emotional problems, and spiritual growth. Asking what is our responsibility for personal growth.
Wired/Journey: For a Life of Worship: This book assists in challenging students to know God’s purpose for life and guide them in fulfilling it, despite differences.

Biblical Workshop
Spiritual Gift Assessment: Discover and exercise your God-given spiritual gifts to fulfillment with minimum frustration in life/ministry, take a spiritual gift inverntory and discuss pros/cons.
Playing God: This workshop examines the power of power. It explains how we shape not only ourselves but those around us. And what God had in mind when giving us power.
Writing Bible Studies/Chapel Messages: Develop the skills to prepare and deliver a Bible Study or Chapel message. Sharpen your skill at sharing God’s Word.
Biblical Servanthood: We will investigate Biblical Servanthood through a study of three topics – compassion, giving your life away, and involvement in ministry.
Bible Doing: With biblical study should come action. With the Bible Doing class every week we serve at a local food shelter helping feed the hungry and serve our community.

Leadership Courses

Leadership Book Studies
The Way of the Shepherd: This will teach you how to lead the people close to you so they will view their work as a calling rather than a job. It shows how to engage, energize, and ignite employees.
Visioneering: A book focused on vision and developing a clear picture for the future. Using the story of Nehemiah as the guide.
1: How Many People Does it Take to Make a Difference?: A book designed to inspire, discover, and celebrate ones special gifts and, above all, to share them with the world.
5: Where will You be Five Years From Today?: A book designed to help establish a five year goal. The next five years can be the most exciting and satisfying in life – or just another five years.
Peacemaker: This course presents comprehensive and practical theology for conflict resolution designed to bring about unity. With true reconciliation being the goal.
Laws of Leadership: A study through 21 essential leadership traits and disciplines developed by leadership expert John C. Maxwell.

Leadership Workshop
Plumb Lining: In this seminar we look at how to develop your ministry programs built on the foundation of your mission. We will look at strategy and address the issue of assumptions.
Personal Mission Statement: Ministries require defined and targeted mission statements, so do our personal ministries. We need to know what and where to aim.
Branding: A book study which guides the students in defining and building a personal brand that is distinctive, relevant, and consistent.
Habitudes: A video series developed by Dr. Tim Elmore highlighting essential leadership concepts for young leaders to practice and develop as they pursue leadership.
Leadership Forum: A weekly discussion of current leadership trends, modeled after the concept of the Areopagus in Athens where ideas were discussed.
Fear of Failure: A class designed to help recognize the fear that we have that can be stunting our growth. How can we not be hindered by our fear of failure and instead use it to grow.

Professional Courses

Departmental Studies
Survey of Operations: An introduction to Accounting, Bookstore, Maintenance, and I.T. departments. It is an opportunity to meet staff who passionately serve behind the scenes.
Survey of Human Resources: We will examine the Human Resources department including: hiring/firing, benefits, training, appraisals, and promotions/raises all through a Christian Organization.
Survey of Program Ministries: We will examine the philosophy of how to develop program through actually looking at how to put together the schedule.
Survey of Guest Services: A three week introduction to Guest Services designed to provide basic operational knowledge of Food Service, Front Office/Reservations, and Event Coordination.
Survey of Development: Join our director of Development to discuss God’s perspective on money and giving.
Survey of Activities: An introduction to how various camp and conference center activities can be used safely and effectively to have guests experience Sandy Cove’s mission.

Business Philosophy
Spirituality of Fundraising: Understand the importance and spirituality of fundraising. You will also learn many of the practical ways these principles are at work at Sandy Cove.
Programming for Youth: Explore the fundamentals of preparing programs that will deeply impact the personal growth of children. Special emphasis on programming within Christian camping.
Budget Process: Budgeting and financial planning is a key part of being a good steward of a ministry. This course looks at financial terms and how to create and maintain a healthy budget.
Open Climb Night: This is a chance for the students to plan and execute a full youth event on Sandy Cove property. Start to finish will be led by the students w/instructor guidance.

Training and Resources

Each Student Receives
Intentional Relationships with Sandy Cove Directors and Managers: A mentorship program where Convergers meet weekly with a leader of Sandy Cove to discuss a life focused on Christ.
Professional Development Assessment: PRO Development is a state-of-the-art assessment that measures convergence of an individual’s Mission, Compentencies and Style.
Lifeguard Training and Certification: Each student will have the opportunity to become a Certified Lifeguard.
Life Plan: An eBook by author Michael Hyatt helping create a life plan to give the student clarity, balance, and peace of mind by living a purpose filled life.
100 Day Jesus Daily Devotional: A resource used to help aid the student in a daily prayer and study life towards Christ.
Maxwell Leadership Bible: This Bible shows us what God’s Word has to say to people of all kinds about leaders and leadership. It’s a Bible resource that explains what a leader is.

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