Thinking about Converge? Ask yourself these questions to see if you would be a good fit…

  1. Have I committed my life to Christ and want to follow Him and seek His guidance in the next steps of my life?
  2. Am I unsure what the next year holds?
  3. Am I 18 years of age or older and post high school?
  4. Do I work well with others?
  5. Am I teachable?
  6. Am I willing to serve?
  7. Am I able to communicate clearly?
  8. Do I have and display maturity?
  9. Am I interested in becoming a leader?
  10. Can I accept correction?
  11. Will I be committed to a full year of Converge?

Did you answer YES to all the above?

Then APPLY today!

Sandy Cove values Fun, Innovation, Community, Christ-likeness and People. If these values don’t resonate with you, then this program probably is not the right fit for you. If, on the other hand, this is who you are, than this program is perfect for you!

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